Rubben Garage Doors Arlington Texas - Ruben Garage Door Arlington Texas installed our Garage Doors and the Attempted to hold us hostage.

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Ruben Garage Door installed our doors after coming by my home and showing me his catalog with selections.Once our order was placed I had to BofA Bank and deposit money into his account.

Once the doors came in Ruben the owner of the company and his wife came and installed the doors. After 10 months the doors began to swell and when I contacted Ruben he stated for us to call the manufacturer ourselves. The manufacturer stated they would replace the doors and go through Ruben Garage Doors. Ruben of Ruben Garage Doors stated that we had to go to BofA Bank again and deposit $300 dollar in his personal account or he would not pick up the doors.

We had to get another company and pay them as a new installation because of Ruben Garage Doors shady business practices.Do business elsewhere or it will cost you dearly with this unethical business

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